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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healingWhat is Spiritual healing ?

Spiritual healing is also known as spirit healing or spiritual energy healing. This energy healing technique facilitates your self healing and awakens your spiritual gifts. It is a holistic therapy that directs or modulates ”energies” to effect healing in the patient, and to overcome the root causes of a problem by spiritual means. It balances the body, mind and spirit and recognizes the human being as an interactive complex energy system. Spiritual healing uses loving energy to heal a person on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level.

Spiritual healing is not a religious rite. Instead, it recognizes your own divinity and that your spirit is connected to the Universal life force. This infinite intelligence is part of you, but if you have energy blocks or resistance, you don’t allow this energy to flow freely. A spiritual healer can help you to sooth your energy and release inner resistance so that you can allow this Universal energy to fully flow through you. For permanent result, it’s important that the client gets involved in spiritual practices to raise his/her vibrational frequency and release unwanted resisting thought patterns; release spiritual root causes of the problem.

Spiritual Remedy and Spiritual Practice

It is important to remember that when someone else helps alleviate a certain problem at a spiritual level, it is a spiritual remedy. Energy healing, psychic healing, reiki healing, pranic healing and shamanic healing are other examples of spiritual remedies. The relief of spiritual remedy may only be temporarily if the client doesn’t work on the mental aspects and goes back to destructive thought patterns. This is why it’s important for the client to get involved in spiritual practices to raise his/her vibrational frequency and release unwanted resisting thought patterns. Meditation and mindfulness are great spiritual practices to release negative thoughts. Some spiritual research suggest that if spiritual practice has 100% effectiveness in overcoming problems, then spiritual remedies only have 40% effectiveness. In other words, spiritual healing includes spiritual remedies and spiritual practices.

How does Spiritual healing work?

The spiritual healing process includes neutralizing and dissolving inner patterns that causes emotional and mental imbalances, as well as physical diseases. A spiritual healer, channels the Universal life force energy that we are all connected to, through subtle energy centers to innate the self healing process. The healing energy is transmitted with the help of visualization and meditation techniques. Spiritual healing can be done in different ways. The most common spiritual healing method is through prayer. Energy healing, reiki healing, prana healing, qi healing, and psychic healing are examples of different spiritual healing techniques.

Psychic Abilities

Most of our problems in our lives have their root in the spiritual dimension. Spiritual healers are sometimes known as ”psychic healer” as they use their psychic abilities to locate the root cause of the health problem that is hidden in the patient’s sub-conscious mind. Spiritual healers can use some or all of the following ”clair senses”: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing) – to locate the energy blocks that needs to be cleared. The psychic healer also calls upon the Universal life force to assist in the energy healing process. The spiritual healer may then provide healing through prayer, touch, visualization, meditation, or intuition.

In-person – Over the Phone – From a Distance

Spiritual healing can be done in person, over the phone, or from a distance. Healing over the phone or from a distance can be just as effective as in-person healing. Sometimes distant healing is even more effective because the clients’ mind cannot interfere or block the healing. Distant healing is possible because our body’s energy field is not limited by space or time. A qualified healer will be able to sense the energy field of the client from a distance. The spiritual healer will place his/her attention on the client and then send spiritual healing. It is helpful (but not always necessary) for the healer to know if there is a certain condition that needs healing energy. It is important that the client is open and receptive. This is why a prayer can be very useful in the healing process, to help the client to surrender and accept the healing power that is directed from the healer to the client.

The psychic healer may also feel guided to recommend herbal therapies, dietary supplements and/or relaxing and balancing techniques for the client. The practitioner may also suggest a healing prayer and affirmations to enhance positive focused thought process. This shift in thought patterns can also be a powerful healing tool.

Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is an important part of spiritual healing. Even if the spiritual remedy (reiki healing, psychic healing, shamanic healing, pranic healing etc.) has been successful, your imbalance/illness will come back, if you don’t change your thinking. Your negative thought patterns (ego) will ”show up” in a new discomfort/illness. If you want permanent recovery, you need to change your thinking and start listening to your loving heart.

Spiritual practices are intentional activities that will help you form habits to respond to grace. It is important to do spiritual practice on a daily basis to develop new and positive thought patterns. Prayer, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and qigong are examples of spiritual practices that will help you quiet your mind (ego) and start listening to your loving heart that is filled with positive and healing energy.

What is Spiritual healing used for?

Spiritual healing is used to treat and prevent illnesses on all levels. It is used to release energy blocks that is obstructing the healing energy to flow freely in the body. Spiritual healing is used for all kinds of medical conditions including stress, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, and leukemia. It is also used for alcoholism, smoking, and substance abuse.

What are the benefits of Spiritual healing?

One benefit of spiritual healing is that it does not only cure the symptoms, but the root cause of the symptoms. Also, spiritual healing can be done in person, over the phone, or from a distance. Furthermore, spirit healing has no side-effects and some benefits can be miraculous, according to testimonials. Sometimes spirit healing can result in instant cures, but it often takes several session over several weeks to see the results.

The benefits of spiritual healing may include: increased energy, stress relief, peace of mind, self-confidence, and a feeling of security. Spiritual healing can also awaken your life purpose and your capacity to give and receive unconditional love. Other benefits of spiritual healing include: relief from chronic pain, improved circulation, balanced blood pressure, and improved eyesight and hearing.

It’s important to do some background checking before choosing a spiritual healer, and find a practitioner that suits your needs. Some spiritual healers may have extraordinary talents, compared to regular holistic health practitioners. So the benefits of spiritual healing all comes down to how gifted and experienced the practitioner is. The benefits of spiritual healing also depends on where you are on your personal spiritual journey and how ready you truly are to be completely healed. Perhaps you need to learn something valuable from your suffering first, before you can move on and fully benefit from the spiritual healing sessions. Also, to experience lasting benefits, make sure to incorporate spiritual practices on a daily basis.

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