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Bio-Energy Healing

Bio-Energy HealingWhat is Bio-Energy healing?

Bio-Energy (or Bioenergy) healing is a holistic energy healing technique for treatment of physical, emotional, and mental blocks and illnesses. It is a more modern method of energy healing and works on the body’s own magnetic field. Bio-Energy healing aims to balance the patient’s electromagnetic field and achieve harmony on a cellular level. This healing technique can have positive affect on the body’s psychological and physiological system. It is based on the understanding that body, mind and spirit are connected and that the human being is an interactive complex energy system. Watch video on Bio-Energy healing, see below.

How does Bio-Energy healing work?

Life energy (chi) flows freely in a healthy body, without any blockages, according to Bio-Energy healing principles. When life energy flows flows freely through the body’s energy field, the person experience a sense of harmony inside and with the rest of the world. However, the energy within the bio-energetic field can become stagnant or even blocked if one gets stuck in negative emotions and thoughts. For example, if you experience a lot of stress in your life, or hold on to past emotion, or have developed a negative belief system that is out of alignment with your higher self, then your energy gets stuck around the specific core issue that has been ignored. A Bio-Energy healer can help you release this specific issue that is hindering your healing process.

Bio-Energy Healing Session

A Bioenergy healing session lasts between 45-90 minutes. The practitioner will begin the treatment with a full body scan on the client. The scanning process is done with the eyes and hands to find the blockage that needs to be treated. The Bioenergy therapist can use hands-on and/or hands-off techniques to scan and treat blockages in the patient´s electrical circuitry system. The practitioner will then manipulate the blocked points with the fingers and send messages to the client’s brain to reactivate the body’s healing mechanism.

Bio-Energy healing can release memory patterns and re-wire the body’s circuitry system and brain, to re-activate the body’s healing and repair mechanism. It can enhance cellular regeneration and increase the patient’s innate ability to repair and function. Bio-Energy healing treats the root cause of the symptoms and conditions. It can even help the patient to function on an enhanced level.

What is Bio-Energy healing used for?

Bio-Energy healing is a non-invasive therapy to treat blockages that are the cause of a symptom. It used for releasing blockages and activating the body’s own ability to repair and heal. Bio-Energy healing is often used for: headaches, migraines, back pain, joint problems, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, depression, and stress-related conditions.

What are the benefits of Bio-Energy healing?

Bio-Energy healing aids the body’s ability to restore internal balance and health. It is a holistic treatment and treats the root cause of the symptom, and not only the symptoms that one may experience. Furthermore, Bio-Energy healing is a non-talking therapy, and involves no psychological analysis.

A great benefit of Bio-Energy healing is that it also works without the client being present. Distant healing can be very convenient as one can choose a healer worldwide, and save time and money on traveling. Furthermore, one will have privacy and won’t have to face someone with one’s personal problems. Distance healing also allows one to go to bed directly after the treatment, to restore energy.

Other benefits of Bio-Energy healing may include: increased energy, improved mood, deep relaxation, stress and tension release, emotional and physical pain relief, cleansing the body from toxins, and improved immune system.

Video on Bio-Energy Healing

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