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The Art of Telling a Different Story


“You just can not continue to tell the same story without continuing to live the same circumstances.”

– Abraham-Hicks

Become the receiver of your dreams! In this video Abraham-Hicks is coaching on how to become a receiver of their dreams. The key is to focus on your dreams, and stop focusing on the absence of your dreams. Learn about The Art of Telling a Different Story in order to get what you want, instead of only getting what you are observing. Don’t forget to read the summary below the video.

Summary on “The Art of Telling a Different Story”:

Telling a Different Story?

Knowing what you don’t want is helping you to know what you do want. When you know what you want, it’s your job to focus on only that positive thing and stop thinking and talking about what you don’t want. Think about all the positive things that you already have and experience in your life today.

When you are asked to think about all the things that is good that you already have in your life, and say: “Well I have already got that” – what you really mean is: “The things that I want are the things that have not yet happened.” This is a misunderstanding, because the things that you want has already happened and is in your non-physical extended version of you; in your Vibrational Escrow; in your Vortex.

Tell a Different Story that Vibrates with your Dreams

Your answer already exists in your non physical extended part of you, called the Vortex.  Your physical form must vibrate on the same frequency as your non-physical form to become a match. You must offer the same vibration as the answer. Only then is it possible to start receiving what you have been asking for.

In other words, you must close the gap between where you are in your physical form, and where your dream is in the non-physical form / in the Vibrational Escrow.

You can close the gap by observing and talking about all the positive aspects in your life. When you think about positive things that are already there, you are at the same place as the answer, because you vibrate in your physical form on the same frequency as your answer.

You close the gap when you are feeling good, because what you have asked for feels good. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy, even if it means that you must imagine things. Just tell a different story that vibrates with your dreams.

Law of Attraction responds to your Patterns of Thoughts

The Law of Attraction helps you to sustain the patterns of thoughts that you have. A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking. By exposure to life, you begin to develop patterns of thoughts. Some patterns of thoughts are taught by others, and others come from something that you observed and talked about and then remembered and then attracted again and then talked about and remembered and then attracted again etc. Whatever you give you’re attention to, will become “your truth”

This cycle of observing, talking about, remembering, attracting etc., is what becomes our “truth”. Once you give something your attention, you begin to see evidence of it everywhere and you start believing it – and it becomes “your truth”. You need to change that and apply “The Art of Telling a Different Story“.

The Cycle of “Law of Attraction”

• Observing “it”
• Thinking about “it”
• Talking about “it”
• Activating “it” in your vibration
• Law of Attraction is responding to “it”
• Attracting “it” in your life experience

The cycle of the Law of Attraction” continues:

• Remembering “it”
• Thinking about “it”
• Talking about “it”
• Activating “it” in your vibration
• Law of Attraction is responding to “it”
• Attracting “it” in your life experience
• You are believing “it”
• “It” becomes your truth etc. Now you see “It” everywhere.

When you believe “It” you see evidence of it everywhere. In other words, what you choose to focus upon becomes your truth. This is fantastic, if the things you focus on are what you want! But what if you are focusing on what you don’t want? ….then you get more of what you don’t want…. so you need to….

Shift your Focus and Change your Story

Observe, think about, and talk about things that you want, and “It” will be your new reality.

If you are repeating patterns of thoughts about things that you don’t want, your life experience will not be a happy one. But you have a choice! You can change “your truth” and thereby change what comes in to your experience, by changing your focus point, by observing-talking-thinking on what you do want.

The Art of Allowing

In order to get what you want and not just what you are observing, you need to learn:

You can never “push” against anything and expect change, you have to allow things to happen. We have been taught: “By remembering bad things, we are making sure that we don’t repeat our mistakes”. The truth is just the opposite. We can never “push” against anything. The more we “push” the more we activate it in our vibration. By pushing against and remembering bad things, we are making sure to repeat history, because the Law of Attraction will bring in to our experience whatever we focus upon. We can only write “new history” by start thinking about what we do want, and start telling a different story.

Self Coaching Tips

If you are coaching yourself in the Law of Attraction, always listen to how you feel. Your feelings never lie. They let you know if you are on the right track to receiving your dreams, or not. If you don’t feel good, you have to deliberate change your attention and start focusing on something else that makes you feel better. At first you might find it hard but remember that your patterns of thought didn’t develop overnight so it will take a little practice. It will get easier the more you practice and soon you will have changed your habits of thoughts.

The process of telling a different story, allowing, focusing only on what you want, and choosing thoughts that make you feel better, is the key if you want to become a deliberate creator of your life and start receiving everything that you have been asking for. You can also use positive affirmations to change your pattern of thoughts.

When you don’t feel good thinking about the things you want, you should stop yourself. This tells you that you are not thinking about what you want – instead you are thinking about the absence of what you want. When you feel good, you know that you are on the right track and in the process of closing the gap between where you are and where your answer is.

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